What to consider when choosing a crane

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With the growth of your business, you need to keep up with the requirements of your employees and customers. Your customer base might be increasing and also the number of orders placed by your customers. In such a scenario, you might be looking for an efficient way to enhance your productivity.

In addition to efficiency, you also want to ensure safety of your employees. If they are manually lifting the loads, it will ultimately take a toll on their backs. One mechanical tool that can solve these problems is a crane. But, it is also important to understand that cranes are of different types and not any crane can serve your purpose. You need to rely on one of the most trusted crane dealers India to find the right crane for your needs. An ideal crane must suit all the elements you have in place, like your production layout and facilities.

Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a crane:

The application

The crane must match the specific application for which it is bought. If you want to lift a wooden board, you will need a different crane than someone who wants to stack bags of grain onto pallets.

If you are speaking to a crane engineer, let him know the weight of your product as this helps in determining the safe working load of the crane. Tell them what type of load you want to move and from where. Determining the duty cycle of the crane is also essential. Will your crane be working round the clock or will you need it to work occasionally?

The environment

The physical environment in which your crane will be used will help decide the elements that will be used to manufacture the crane. Is it an atypical environment with extreme temperatures? If your crane will be used for industrial purpose, what type of industry is it?

Determining all this is important since the environment will be important in designing your crane.


Needless to say, you need a crane that meets and exceeds the crane codes. Have a look at crane’s classification to ensure that it can handle all that you need in terms of lifespan as well as duty cycle.

Apart from this, other things worth considering include the consistency of the material used to manufacture the crane, the in-house quality control of the manufacturer, and the testing process.

A high-quality product comes with more longevity and durability as compared to a low quality product. Purchasing a cheaper crane on the market means you are more likely to incur higher long-term costs.


The overall cost of owning a crane includes much more than its cost price. You need to add in the cost of installation, maintenance and repair. You might also have to make an additional payment if installation needs special tools or welding.

The right crane can simplify complex tasks that require power, thus ensure to choose the best suited option to make things easier for you. Get in touch with the leading crane manufacturer India to get the right crane that will efficiently serve your needs.