Tips on choosing the right generator for your farm

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Running a farm is not an easy job as you have to often address certain challenges that need innovative solutions. Electricity supply is one of those variables that is usually not reliable and loss of power can lead to loss of productivity and result in greater complications for facilities that require mechanical ventilation or constant heat or cooling systems. The right decision to choose the right generator can improve productivity and offer an economical solution to a common problem.

When choosing a genset engine for your farm, you are sure to come across myriad options. Consider these things to make the right choice.

Choose between petrol and diesel

Primarily, when you are choosing a generator for your farm, it is important to consider whether you need a petrol generator or a diesel one. Petrol gensets have been in use for longer than diesel generators, but this does not mean that they will always be an ideal option for your farm. Petrol generators are less costly to purchase and come with lower maintenance costs. Like petrol generators, diesel gensets have their own quality traits. They are more fuel efficient than petrol generators. While diesel generators might cost you more initially, they are durable, have better longevity and require maintenance less frequently as compared to petrol generators.

Consider the purpose for which you are buying a genset. If you are going to use it for emergencies, a petrol generator makes a suitable option for you. On the contrary, if your generator will be a primary source of energy and will be used to operate large systems, it will be better to choose a diesel generator set

Portable or stationary generator- choose your option

When it comes to small farm electricity needs, a portable generator makes a perfect option. It works well for emergencies as well as occasional use, but remember, it is sufficient for small farm needs. A portable generator costs less than a stationary generator, can be moved around easily, but also needs sufficient care for its prolonged lifespan.

Stationary or standby generators are relatively costlier than portable gensets but usually require less maintenance and last longer. If you need a strong generator and are going to use it often, a standby generator might be a suitable option for your needs.

Determine the right size

Owing to the latest advancements in the field of electrical engineering, generators come in a wide range of sizes. In order to choose the right model for your farm, you need to consider a few things, including:

  • The items that will be powered by the generator
  • The starting as well as running wattage of the respective items
  • Total power requirements in KW or KVA

When choosing a genset for your farm, you can speak to a professional who can guide you through different options and suggest which type of generator will be the best suited for your needs. After you have determined your requirements, make sure to count on a reliable genset engine manufacturer to find the right model for your farm.