Things to ponder when buying the right farming tractor

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Farming tools are one of the most valuable possessions of a farmer and a tractor is the most versatile of them all. Purchasing a tractor might seem to be intimidating initially, but offers remarkable benefits when adequate time and efforts are spent. Choosing the right tractor that simplifies the job of farming for you requires thorough research and consideration.

Following are a few requirements and features that you must consider to zero in to a tractor that fits your needs and preferences.


The first and foremost requirement is to consider the acreage that you own or look forward to own in future. When it comes to farming large-scale farms, tractors with more horsepower, usually ranging between 45 hp – 70 hp, are required to perform diverse tasks such as mowing and tilling. On the contrary, tractors with lower horsepower, about 35 hp or less, would be perfect for small acres of land.


It is extremely important to be clear about what you plan to do with the tractor, right from the beginning, as upgrading later can be a costly venture, taking a large chunk out of your pocket. Tractors with suitable horsepower must be teamed with job-specific attachments in order to get specific jobs done. List down all that you want your tractor to do for you as this would help you find answers to your farming questions.


The choice of tractor horsepower should depend on the size of land you need to work on as well as the amount of tasks that have to be performed. More the area higher should be the horsepower of a tractor. While a small tractor with lower horsepower would be ideal to work on a smaller farm, a powerful tractor with higher horsepower would serve the purpose when it comes to working on a bigger farm field.

Transmission options

At present, there are two choices for the buyers – Hydrostatic transmission and Mechanical transmission.

A hydrostatic transmission is relatively less power-efficient compared to mechanical transmission, but offers the flexibility to choose any ground speed, between zero and the maximum. It is thus highly efficient in terms of operation.

Comfort and safety

When it comes to handling the monster of the machine, it can be intimidating and requires adequate training, maintenance as well as servicing. Your best farming tractor would provide you with sufficient power with ease and comfort of operation. Some important things that must be taken into account to get an idea of how comfortable a tractor would be for the operator include adequate space between pedals and fenders surrounding it, accessibility of controls from a range of reach, adjustment of seat and steering wheel and visibility of panel lights as well as dials.

Finding the right tractor for your farm can take more time than you thought. Make sure to count on one of the leading and reliable tractor dealers India to purchase your tractor. Such professionals help you zero in to the best suited tractor to simplify the tasks on your farm.