Reduce your risk: Choose the right farming equipment

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It can be intimidating to purchase equipment in the beginning years of a business. There are umpteen number of options and ways to farm. The right equipment can save you time, but finding the same can be challenging and at times frustrating. So, it is important that you consider a few things prior to making your buying decision.

Have a researched plan

Practical experience with daily and on-the-ground operations of a farm similar in size to what you will run is extremely crucial. The experience you gain through this will benefit you more than any amount of reading or speculation. If you would like to operate a 10-acre farm and don’t have an experience of working on it before, go work on it before.

Farmers can be your best resource. Get in touch with other farmers working at a similar scale and ask them about their experience of working with different systems.

It is vital to plan a system where all parts function together. Nothing can be more frustrating than having different pieces of a machine that do not function well together. Carefully consider your farming requirements before you purchase a new equipment.

Find answers to these questions

You need to have experience operating equipment for the scale on which you will be working. Determine if there is any other way to get experience operating the equipment you are considering to buy. Are there any farmers in close vicinity whose operations you can monitor or whose equipments you can try?

How easy is it to find spare parts for the machine you are planning to buy? How quickly can you get them at the hour of need and do you require any professional help to fix them? It is not always convenient to take your farm equipment India to a mechanic’s shop, especially when your equipment is a tractor and being able to fix problems and replace spare parts on your own can help you save significant time. Remember, regular maintenance is necessary to enhance performance and durability of equipment.

Stick to a budget

Decide your budget and make sure to stick to it. Invest in an equipment that you don’t intend to upgrade and that has replaceable parts. Buy a durable equipment and make sure that it can be re-sold if you plan to change your farm system. Remember to treat your equipment well since someday you might outgrow it and want to re-sell.

You need not buy it all at once. You should not because you would want to adjust things over time. Create a plan to purchase your agricultural machines over several years. Investing in systems that save your time is important right from the beginning. Specialized machines can be purchased in the following years when you have formed your business and you comprehend your needs, and what crops will yield profit for your farm.

As you gain growing experience, your experience and systems will change. You cannot avoid that. So, make sure to reshape things as you learn.

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