Guide to buying your first tractor

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If you have not grown up on a farm or not have never been around these farming machines all your life, buying a tractor can be intimidating for you. You have to choose from a number of options.

When buying a tractor, it is viable to talk to as many people as possible and ask them about what they are using and their experience with the same. Prepare a list of jobs you want to do and then figure out what kind of features you require in your tractor. If you are not sure about what you need, it is better to approach a friendly farmer. Let him know what tasks you want to perform with the tractor and see what he has to suggest.

If you don’t have a friendly farmer, don’t worry. Here is a guide that can help you get a head start on what all you need to consider.


When talking about the size, you need to consider two things. First is the amount of physical power you need to have in your tractor. A large number of homesteaders with 10 or less acres can use a 24 horse power tractor and get everything done very efficiently. If you have more acres of land that you want to cut for hay or need to till the soil, it is better to look for relatively larger machine – like the one with 30 horse power or slightly more.

The second thing worth considering is where you want to use your new tractor. If you want to work on a small barn area, a larger tractor would not serve the purpose and a smaller machine will be perfect.

4 wheel or 2 wheel drive

A 4-wheel drive tractor can be really helpful on steeper slopes and in snowy or muddy conditions. In situations such as dragging out a buried rock, a 4-wheel drive can provide more power for use. But, it is also important to know that having a 4-wheel drive tractor means there are more moving parts that will break or wear out. Still, a wonderful compromise is a tractor that can engage 4 wheel drive when required.

Diesel or Gasoline

Majority tractors are diesel since they can get a large amount of power from a smaller amount of fuel. Thus, they are more cost-efficient. However, some of you might want to have a gasoline powered tractor so that same fuel can be used in all the farm as well as family equipment. A single drawback of diesel is that it tends to thicken in extremely cold temperatures and has to be warmed to keep flowing. You might need engine block heaters if you live in areas with extremely cold temperatures. Which fuel type you need is your personal choice.

There are many other things, such as resale value, maintenance and service options available in your area, which you might want to consider when buying your tractor. Also, make sure to rely on the best tractor manufacturer India to get the right machine that is value for money.

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