Extend the life of your tractor: Use the best tractor spare parts

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With the increase in number of tractor owners, there has been a remarkable growth in the tractor industry. This in turn has increased the need for tractor spare parts manufacturers and dealers. Unfortunately, this has also led to increased manufacture and use of counterfeit spare parts due to their low cost. Today, the dealers supplying these counterfeit parts are operating in nearly every nook and cranny.

Use of duplicate spare parts not only affects tractor performance, but can also lead to more mishaps while working on the farm.

Here are a few reasons why it is not wise to choose spurious spare parts.

Adverse effect on tractor

Owing to the cheap cost of duplicate spare parts, dealers do not hesitate to compromise on their quality and eventually these parts fail to live up to industry standards. While counterfeit spare parts may operate well initially, they worsen the overall well-being of your tractor and cause adverse effect on the engine. In such a scenario, you end up paying more for repair and serviceability costs.

Increased risks

Apart from having a negative impact on your vehicle, duplicate parts increase the risk of mishaps. A few common examples include engines, tyres and other important components of the tractor that are available in poor quality in the market these days.

Think about your tractor

Anyone who clearly loves their tractor will care for its longer life. Over a period of time, spurious parts play havoc in your tractor. Thus, it is extremely important that you choose original tractor spare parts.

Here is a list of common counterfeit parts that are largely sold in the market now-a-days.


Cheaper brake pads as well as shoes come with harder composition, usually metal, which wear out much sooner than those made of original parts. This prevents your tractor from braking properly and on time. Apart from this, duplicate brake pads and shoes exert more pressure on other tractor components such as motors and drums, thus causing them to wear out.

Oil filers

While good quality filters are equipped with a check valve that helps ensure the oil pressure upon startup, spurious parts are deprived of such functionality and thus they are unable to prevent deposition of dirt on the engine.


Battery plays major role in affecting the working of your tractor. Cheaper and duplicate batteries are usually not good in terms of quality as they are generally rated at lower cold-cranking amps.

Ignition components

Although the ignition components and spark plugs may appear to be same as the original ones, they have different internal combustion. Counterfeit ignition parts tend to wear out soon and can deteriorate your tractor’s performance.

When you buy a farming tractor, you do so to simplify and expedite your job on the field and to ensure that your tractor continues to operate well for you, ensure that it is fitted with original spare parts. However, given that you might come across myriad tractor dealers when looking for one, ensure to get in touch with one of the leading tractor dealers India to find the right and original spare parts for your asset.