Essential equipments you need for your farm

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Choosing the right agricultural equipment is a key to successful farming. A business without machinery cannot generate profitable results.

Today, plethora of different machines and brands are available, varying in functionality, quality and price. Due to multitude of options, it can often get hard to decide which products are right for your farm. Usually, farmers get carried away and end up purchasing more number of equipments than they actually need. Another common mistake that many farmers make is choosing a machine that is either too big or too small for the tasks to be performed.

Fortunately, thanks to the highly competitive agricultural equipment market, it is easy to find the information you need to choose a suitable machine for your farm. You need to prepare, understand, and identify your farming needs, learn about the available machinery, and compare your options.

Evaluate your needs

The material that suits one farmer will not necessarily suit another. You will be restricted by practical reasons such as specific configuration of your farm buildings, purchase price and the cost of operating a machine. The choice of farming machine is also affected by personal preferences as well as convictions. This is the reason why a large number of machines are available on the market.

When buying agricultural machines, it is important to find an answer to what. What is the task that you will be performing and what all machines do you require for that? What is the farm area that you have to work on? Will you be cultivating the soil and spreading fertilizer or is there any other farming job that you will be doing? Once your needs are known, you can choose from the following essential farming equipments.


Be it pushing or pulling agricultural tools, or cultivating crops, the tractor serves as the best farming equipment India and anywhere around the globe. It is a perfect tool for any farmer. If you have to work on a small farm, a compact tractor with power ranging from 15 KW to 50 KW can meet your needs. On the contrary, you will need a more powerful tractor if area to be worked upon is large.


A tractor is useless on its own, but when equipped with an appropriate attachment, it can perform an array of tasks. Select the right rototiller based on the flexibility and versatility of your tractor. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing an over-sized¬† machine thinking that it will get the job done quicker. The tractor and rototiller should match in size to work at their optimum speed. You can seek advice from rototiller suppliers if you are unable to make out which option will suit your requirements.

Combine harvester

Advanced harvesting equipments save the time, labor and cost involved in harvesting. Without these machines, there cannot be potato, cereal or beet harvest. You need to be equipped with the right equipment that serves your needs.

Farming equipments are manifold, but you need to find the ones that are actually required at your farm. Right machines will not only reduce your labor, but will also save you time and money.