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All you need to know about agricultural equipment

Earlier, primitive devices constructed of stones and sticks were used by the men to tilt the soil. However, farmers in the agriculture industry today sit in the air conditioned cabs of sophisticated machines while harvesting their crop.

When it comes to producing sufficient amount of food or reducing workload, the need for agricultural equipment always exists. But, a common question that mostly remains unanswered is how much equipment should be used and what its characteristics should be.

Well, the answer to it would be that the amount as well as type of equipment depends on economic factors, geographic area and the plant or animal being raised.

Ways of acquiring access to equipment

The products available in the extensive agricultural equipment industry are required all across the world. The manufacturers can be categorized into multinational, regional or logical, based on their market. While the multinational manufacturers sell their equipment at global network, regional manufacturers might produce the same either for a particular region of the country or for continent region consisting of diverse smaller countries. On the contrary, local manufacturers produce agricultural equipment for small geographic region, usually within a country.

Be it pick and carry cranes, tractors or any other machine, majority farmers acquire them from the dealers or manufacturers. However, the farmers often attain use of the equipment by hiring a company that provides the machines and operators to carry out required operations. This approach is usually followed in case of costly harvesting machines. While this contracting was earlier common for harvesting machines only, it has now gained importance for other machines as well.

Equipment cost

The use of agricultural machines comes with sufficient costs that are needed to be evaluated with utmost care when it comes to deciding upon which machines to acquire.

The cost of owning equipment is generally classified into two categories, that is fixed and variable. The fixed cost remains unchanged on yearly basis, irrespective of the use of the machine. Conversely, variable costs vary with the use of the machine.

Depreciation makes the greatest fixed cost. However, the amount and type of use a machine is subjected to affects the cost of an agricultural machine. A large number of equipment become technologically outdated even before their value depreciates, reason being their low annual usage. Thus, it is viable to treat depreciation as a fixed cost, instead of variable. Besides, shelter and insurance, both essential for an equipment, come under fixed cost.

When talking about the variable cost, it includes fuel, repair and maintenance cost. The more the machine is used, the more fuel, repair as well as maintenance is required.

Today, when the faming industry has gone the tech-friendly way, agricultural machines manufacturer, including silent genset manufacturer and rototiller suppliers are incorporating state of the art mechanisms into their machines to cater to advanced needs of the clients.

At Indo Farm Equipment Limited, we manufacture high-quality engines, tractors, diesel gensets and pick and carry cranes whose capacity range from 9 tonnes to 20 tonnes. We aim at delivering fuel efficient agricultural equipment at economical cost and cater top-notch performance accompanied by after-sales service.